Published on Tue, 27 Apr 2021 12:45
To Book Services on Sunday 1 August - the Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Following limited easing of some restrictions, there is now no need to book for 8am (said Eucharist) nor 6.30pm Evensong. Contact details, however, will still be collected to assist track & trace.

Services in Church
Our existing covid protocols will remain in place including wearing masks throughout every service. What is being allowed now is singing at 10am and 6.30pm but only with masks worn. Also, see below, there is a choice now to sit in a limited part of the church at 10am with no social distancing, if you wish to.  The vast part of the church, however will be reserved for socially distanced (2m) seating between households/bubbles, as before.

To Book for the 10am service, please click on one of the two options below:

Socially distant:  

Please read carefully If you choose to book in the non- socially distant area of the church, this increases your risk, including potentially being required/requested to self isolate if someone near you tests positive. 


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